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My name is Jasmine Castro, I'm originally a native of Hackensack, New Jersey but my parents are from the Dominican Republic. I been living in Atlanta for 4 years which is where I obtained my cosmetology license.

I grew up getting my hair done every week and as a result, my love of hair and more importantly hair CARE developed. When I arrived in GA I knew that I wanted to pursue my passion and purpose for making women feel beautiful from the inside out.
My experience at the hair salon as a child, while enjoyable made me realize that there had to be a more efficient way to provide quality services with a more one on one experience with the client. And so, I decided I just needed a space big enough for myself and one client at a time.  That being said, I have a salon suite in Buckhead, Georgia where I offer my clients an atmosphere of relaxation and fun while providing quality services. Clients needs come first as well as the integrity of their hair.
My services range from a simple blow out to complex haircuts/coloring services and different methods of extensions. No matter the service, my  clients happiness and hair health is the goal.

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- Jasmine C.


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